School Receptionist Cover Letter

Here is the School Receptionist Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Amelia Harmon,

I recently noticed your school receptionist opening and would like to be considered for the position. I am also sending my resume for you to look over.

I have a high school diploma and have taken computer courses and am highly literate in all Microsoft Office applications and any database program that I would need to use. My personal hygiene is top notch and I am always dressed impeccably. While I do not spend a great deal of money on clothes, they are always cleaned and pressed when I come to work. I understand that I am the first person that most see when they come into the office and I need to look professional at all times.

I am able to pass any background checks and have never had any criminal convictions nor have I even had a parking ticket. I can sort all mail including snail and emails that come directly to the school to ensure they get to the appropriate recipient. I also have great math skills and am a great communicator. I love children and have a great respect for and can deal with them on any level and would have no problem with children of any age group.

If you would like to contact me to learn more about my qualifications, feel free to call (012)-345-6789 at any time.



Phillip Ohara

Encl: Resume