Science Teacher Cover Letter

Here is the Science Teacher Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Clark,

In response to your advertisement in Sunday’s edition of Washington Post, I am applying today for your esteemed Science Teacher position at New Braunfels High School.

The reputation of Overton High School precedes you, and I have long been acquainted with the excellent curriculum and educational offering you deliver to your students. As a teacher for the past 16 years, I value this high level of educational standard and wish to bring my extensive experience with children of this age to your school. I am well versed in all science concepts at this college level, and would love to teach your students chemistry, biology, and botany. I also bring a Master’s in Science Education to the table.

Please see my enclosed resume, and contact me at (012)-345-6789 to hear more about my educational background and experience. I welcome the opportunity of an interview, and thank you for your time.



James Gordon

Encl: Resume