Science Technician Cover Letter

Here is the Science Technician Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Margie Honeycutt,

I am applying for the position of Science Technician available with Stanford University and I have the skills and training required by your company.

I have an associate’s degree in applied science with courses that centered on mathematics, physics and chemistry. I started my career by helping out in the lab at the university. I am in the process of earning my bachelor’s degree in chemistry and I hope to advance my career by securing this position with your company.

My experience includes sitting up equipment, conducting and monitoring experiments. I have excellent problem solving skills with the ability to adjust and modify experiments when needed to obtain the best results possible. I also have the skills to understand and interpret scientific data and to analyze samples.

I have excellent verbal skills with the ability to explain the results of the experiments to other professionals. I also have the writing skills to keep detailed records of all experiments. I am team oriented and have the ability to motivate others to perform well but I can also work independently to meet my obligations.

I can use a computer proficiently and I have the ability to keep the instruments used in the lab clean and in good shape. I also have the ability to keep track of supplies and place orders when needed. I am dependable and I know and adhere to all safety protocols when working with hazardous materials.

You can call me at (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview where we can discuss this position in more detail.


Susan Owens

Susan Owens

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