Scientific Editor Cover Letter

Here is the Scientific Editor Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Jana Lambert,

I am interested in the scientific editor position that was recently listed for your company Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and have attached my resume for your perusal.

I currently hold a bachelor’s degree in English and have taken many science courses while in college including organic chemistry and specific writing courses like electronic media writing and English composition. My education also includes courses in biology and engineering as I wanted to have both applied and pure science experience. I have been working in the industry for nearly ten years and have kept up on all new technologies and language that would be required to stay current in today’s terminology.

I am able to spot spelling issues and any grammatical mistakes in order to make the paper, document or book both legible and correct. I have edited many papers for many different types of journals including environmental, biological and engineering. I am able to work efficiently on my own and I do not have a problem with multitasking or prioritizing my workload.

It is important to me to hold to a strong work ethic and it is a rarity when I am not on the job and I do not have a problem taking my work home or working overtime when required. I never miss a deadline and take great pains to pay attention to every detail to ensure my work is done with perfection.

If you would like to meet with me for an interview I can be contacted by calling (012)-345-6789.


Your Signature

Norman Koonce

Enclosure: Resume