Security Specialist Cover Letter

Here is the Security Specialist Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Gage,

I am applying for the position of Security Specialist available with MultiLingual Solutions Inc and I have included my resume with complete details of my education, training and skills.

I have earned an associate degree in physical security and I have the strength, agility and the knowledge to protect your business from intruders. I also completed a program to earn a hotel security staff certificate to help quality me for this position. This program consisted of crime prevention, security laws and ethics.

I have acquired the skills to monitor your facility both inside and out to help keep your business secure, your visitors safe and to keep out intruders. In addition, I have the ability to ensure that employees and legitimate visitors are following the rules and policies of the establishment.

I am very observant and have the ability to recognize potential security threats and to assess the situation to determine the risk factors before addressing the problem. I have the skills to prevent many confrontations before they turn into violent altercations and when necessary I can intervene and break up arguments and fights when they do occur.

I am confident that I have the ability to fill this position and to keep your establishment secure but I also know when to call in law enforcement before things get out of control. I have excellent people skills and the ability to help create a safe and welcoming environment.

You can reach me for an interview where we can discuss the details of this position by calling (012)-345-6789.



Tamika Bethea

Encl: Resume