Senior Business Analyst Cover Letter

Here is the Senior Business Analyst Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Maroney,

In reference to your advertisement for a Senior Business Analyst online, I am submitting my resume today.

For the past 10 years, I have helped many business clients update and maintain their computer systems through the right business plan. I fully understand the importance of my position-ensuring that all my clients are up to date with the ever changing technology in this fast paced world. This helps them work more efficiently, offer a more qualitative product or service, and get and retain more clients. I facilitate this with my training, 10 years of experience, and great communications skills.

Please give me a call to arrange a time to discuss my career qualifications and skills. I can be reached at the following number: (012)-345-6789 and/or [] at your earliest convenience. Thanks so much for posting this position, and I very much look forward to your response and our possible meeting.



James Goodrum

Encl: Resume