Sharepoint Administrator Cover Letter

Here is the Sharepoint Administrator Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Cobb,

I am applying for the position of Sharepoint Administrator with Infologitech Inc.

I have a degree in Information Technology and if chosen for this position, I will help ensure your IT systems are properly secure. I am certified to set up, maintain and manage software and hardware systems along with programming languages such as UNIX, PHP and SQL. I have the experience and training needed to design projects, launch SharePoint, create budgets and to help determine polices and the SharePoint settings for your company.

I have extensive knowledge of networking and windows operating system that includes service packs, hot fixes, firewalls, maintainability and scalability. I am also very familiar with the Microsoft SQL Server database, Central Administration and PowerShell administration modules to name a few.

I have excellent debugging skills with the ability to located and solve problems in a fast and efficient manner. I have the ability to manage and maintain the functionality of the server and SharePoint permissions, usage and activity. I will analyze the SharePoint content and storage, set up alerts and I will perform audits regularly.

On a personal note, I have excellent verbal and writing skills with the ability to communicate effectively with staff, management and clients. I have experience giving presentations and I stay updated on all the newest versions of Microsoft SharePoint. The attached resume contains a more complete look at my education, work history and skills relevant to this position. After viewing, I am sure that you will agree I have the qualifications you are looking for in an applicant.

Please call (012)-345-6789 for an interview.


Your Signature

Alisa Dedrick

Enclosure: Resume