Shipping Clerk Cover Letter

Here is the Shipping Clerk Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. David,

I am writing this cover letter to express my interest in the position of Shipping Clerk listed with Business Operations Group, and have attached a resume for your review.

I assure you that my experience and skills match your expectations for this profile, as I have worked in customer service for the past five years, and as a Shipping Clerk for the past two years. I have also supervised in these roles, and have the ability to train and supervise new staff members if required. I am highly efficient, accurate, and have a great interaction with all customers.

I would appreciate your response, and the ability to schedule a time to meet. My phone number is (012)-345-6789 and my email address is: [] I welcome your questions and your interest. Thanks so much for your time and consideration for this position, and I look forward to your call or email.


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Irma Lira

Enclosure: Resume