Shipping Supervisor Cover Letter

Here is the Shipping Supervisor Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Palmer,

I’m the person you’re searching for to fill the shipping supervisor position being advertised by your company. I’m confident that my skills, academic training and past two years of experience within this field will prove to be a great asset to Sugar Creek Packing Co.

For the last two years I have worked as the supervisor of the shipping department within a warehouse company. During this time I was responsible for all the activities associated with the personnel in that department and all the items being shipped.

My duties included making sure all shipments are processed, loaded and shipped to the correct destination. Double-checking billing, keeping excellent records and arranging work schedules to improve production is also part of my past training.

I have learned how to effectively keep an open line of communication, meet deadlines and utilize all tools available to keep the shift running smoothly. I have the ability to train personnel in all aspects of the job including handling materials and equipment correctly.

I have experience evaluating the performance of workers and offering suggestions for improvement when needed, the ability to use computer programs such as MS Word, Excel and Outlook efficiently and I have the knowledge to calculate the estimated costs associated with the functions of this department.

I can be reached anytime by phone or email whichever is most convenient for you. Please feel free to call (012)-345-6789, or send an email to [] to set up an interview.



Eugene Trevino

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