Singer Cover Letter

Here is the Singer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Campos,

I am very excited about the Singer position opening up with Binghamton Downtown Singers, Inc. and I know that I have the singing skills your musical group is searching for in a replacement.

While I am sad to hear your singer is leaving the group, I am very happy for this amazing opportunity and the thought of possibly becoming the newest member of your group is very exhilarating. I am very passionate about my singing and I have years of experience that includes lessons and recitals. I have also performed professionally where I gained lots of experience singing solo in front of large audiences, so being in front of a crowd is not new for me.

I have a pleasant and easygoing personality with the ability to get along well with everyone, including managers, agents and producers. I listen to your music often and I already know many of your songs but I also have the ability to learn new lyrics and to adapt to new surroundings quickly.

I have the physical strength and stamina to give regular performances and the flexibility to travel to different locations to perform. I am available for an interview anytime that is convenient for you and I hope to meet with you soon. I am confident that I have the singing voice and style that you seek in a Singer and I would very much like the opportunity to show off my talent for your group.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to set up an interview and I anticipate meeting with you soon.



Richard Beattie

Encl: Resume