Ski Instructor Cover Letter

Here is the Ski Instructor Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Geiger,

I am interested in applying for your Ski Instructor position that you recently posted online and have attached my resume for you to look over.

My first ski lesson was when I was four years old and I was immediately hooked by the thrill of being in the cold weather and heading downhill on what to me felt like two sticks. I fell quite a few times but I still remember the feeling when I made it down the beginner’s hill the first time without falling down.

After I started working my way up to the more difficult slopes, I decided to try out snowboarding and found that I loved that as well. I am highly proficient in both sports and while I am not competition ready, I feel I can hold my own on some of the more difficult runs.

I have helped my friends and their children learn to love this great sport and there is nothing better than seeing the joy on a beginner’s face while learning these sports. Whether it is snowboarding or skiing, I have found that teaching is a wonderful challenge and something that I truly enjoy.

While I have not had a formal education, I have been teaching skiing and snowboarding for over ten years. I know that I could offer your students fun instruction that would make them love these great sports. I am willing to work with any age group or experience level and feel that I would be a huge asset.

Please feel free to call me at any time, (012)-345-6789, to set up an interview or to discuss the employment opportunity you are offering.


Evonne Patterson

Evonne Patterson

Resume Attached as MS Word Document