Social Service Worker Cover Letter

Here is the Social Service Worker Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Schmitt,

I am applying for the position of Social Service Worker with Madison Public Schools.

I currently work as a Social Worker representative with the Social Service office in the city but I would like to have the opportunity to work more directly with children and their families. This position would give me that chance and I have the skills and training to greatly benefit your school. I have a master’s degree in Social Work and a license to practice in this state.

I love working with children and I have the patience and the knowledge to handle most any situation I come across. I am a very passionate and caring person with a real desire to help children and their families with the hardships and problems that many face today.

I have the knowledge and connections to provide families in need with resources that can help them handle the problems they are dealing with such as being homeless or dealing with a family member with an alcohol or drug addiction. I also have experience dealing with pregnant teens and children that are suicidal and I know how to help these students find the best solution for their individual problems.

I have the training and knowledge to ensure all clients are protected by the law and that these laws are not manipulated in any way. I have the flexibility to work long hours and after hours when there is an emergency. I will always work within the guidelines of your school and comply with all of the policies and procedures of your institute.

Please call (012)-345-6789 for an interview.


Lena Furlong

Lena Furlong

Resume Attached as MS Word Document