Software Architect Cover Letter

Here is the Software Architect Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Davis,

Please find my resume attached for the Software Architect position that was listed yesterday.

I am lucky because I was born in the computer generation and have always had a fascination with the software and programming side of the field. While I enjoy upgrading my computer and I have built them for friends, my heart is in software. I taught myself binary code while in high school and decided to continue with this education in college.

My college career enabled me to attain a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science and I loved my learning experience. Currently, I have been employed for over five years in the industry and am ready to move up to the Software Architect sector of the field after putting in my time as a programmer.

My experience includes an extensive knowledge of C++ programming language as well as Java and other programming languages. I work well under pressure and do not have a problem meeting tight deadlines or working overtime to ensure a project is completed on time and without any major bugs.

One of my best assets is the fact that I am always learning the latest technologies and keep up with the latest programming protocols. Working with a group or on my own, I am always effective and can lead a group or be a follower when needed. I have had many goals that I have accomplished and would offer the same determination to any company that employs me.

You can contact me at any time on my cell phone (012)-345-6789. Thank you for your consideration.



James Thomas

Encl: Resume