Software Quality Assurance Cover Letter

Here is the Software Quality Assurance Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Link,

I am a Software Quality Assurance professional with the required experience and education you seek in your ad on With this, I submit my application with resume today.

I can offer you a long career of over 11 years as a Software Quality Assurance professional, as well as a degree in Software Development. At present, I own this role and am lead of the quality assurance department ensuring all software products being put on the market are as qualitative in usability and function as possible. This requires a lot of research, analysis, comparison, testing, and revamping. It all requires rapt attention to the analysts in the department to ensure they are following through. I take command of the situation as a leader, as well as work in harmony with team players on the QA team.

With these reasons in mind, I hope that you consider contacting me to hear more about the benefits I can bring ITT Geospatial Systems with my experience and skills. Thank you.



Barbara Myers

Encl: Resume