Sound Designer Cover Letter

Here is the Sound Designer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Ada Howell,

I was thrilled to see the opening for a Sound Designer in your video game development company and would like to present myself as a candidate for the position.

I trained in sound design at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where I obtained mastery of a number of skill sets from Foley and sound editing for the film and television industry, to game audio. Since completion of the program, I have worked on a large number of projects, including short films and TV advertisements, to full-length feature films.

One of the projects I have enjoyed the most is dialogue editing, which allowed me to work directly with specific members of the cast. I take great satisfaction in being able to help the actor capture the exact expression and emotional quality to match the video performance. I also found the challenge of synchronising the audio track using ADR quite rewarding.

Another aspect of my work that I favor is SFX recording. I have had the opportunity to record sound at a number of fascinating places, from a military firing range to a nuclear imaging facility. I have built an extensive personal collection of sounds to be used on future projects, and have also begun to create unique sounds for such things as alien spacecraft and mythical creatures for use in special effects sound editing (SPFX.)

Thanking you for considering my resume. I welcome the chance to tell you more about my varied work experience, and await your call at (012)-345-6789.



Louis Barker

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