Special Education Aide Cover Letter

Here is the Special Education Aide Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Marion Whitfield,

I am applying for the Special Education Aide position with Barbieri Elementary School.

I have an associate degree in education and a real desire to work with special needs kids. I understand how difficult it can be for these kids to learn and helping to ensure they get the education they need and deserve is a very rewarding career. My goal is to become a Special Education Teacher and obtaining this position is a huge step in achieving that goal.

I have the knowledge and training needed to assist the teacher and make sure the daily schedule is going according to plan. This includes monitoring the students and helping anyone that is having trouble with the lessons and providing extra instructions when needed. It also includes helping to prepare lessons and making sure students have the materials needed to complete each task.

I have the ability to help these students perform activities they may not be able to do on their own, which includes moving around to different locations such as to and from the school bus and to the cafeteria. I can also help the teacher by assisting students that need help using the bathroom or feeding themselves lunch and snacks.

My personal skills that help to qualify me for this position include having lots of patience, energy and I know sign language. I deeply care about special needs children and I want to help them succeed in every way possible while helping to maintain a safe environment where they can learn.

You can reach me for an interview by calling (012)-345-6789.


Martha Abrams

Martha Abrams

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