Special Needs Teaching Assistant Cover Letter

Here is the Special Needs Teaching Assistant Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Leslie Thompson,

I am applying for the position of Special Needs Teaching Assistant with Peterson Elementary School.

I recently graduated and now I am looking for a position working with special needs kids while earning a bachelor’s degree in education. My goal is to become a full time teacher for children with all types of disabilities such as sight and hearing problems, behavioral issues, learning disabilities and speech problems.

To gain experience working with kids, I volunteered at the local hospital and worked in the children’s ward. During this time, I learned how to communicate and connect with children suffering from all types of illnesses and disabilities.

My personal abilities include excellent decision making and problem solving skills along with the ability to help keep the classroom organized and functioning smoothly. They also include the ability to adapt to a changing environment quickly along with being creative, dependable, trustworthy and patient. My ability to listen, follow directions and to help the teacher prepare lesson plans, record results and to motivate students to do their very best, is also part of my skills that qualify me for this job.

I have the ability use a computer proficiently, to pass all tests required for this position and I speak two languages fluently. I am compassionate, understanding and have a real desire to help special needs kids get the education they need and deserve and this position would be a big start for my career.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview where we can discuss my credentials and the requirements of this position in person.


Your Signature

Ola Bohrer

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