Sports Agent Cover Letter

Here is the Sports Agent Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Millan,

The position of sports agent being offered at Pro Sports is one that I truly have an interest in. I’ve loved sports since I was a small child and dedicated my career to this field. In an effort to prepare for this job, I’ve earned my bachelor’s degree in business from Huron University and worked in the sports industry for the past eight years.

My excellent communication skills play a positive role when talking to managers, coaches and team owners to promote the sports team I represent. I have the skills needed to negotiate contracts that are in the best interest of the team and to perform risk and financial analysis on the contracts before they’re finalized.

I have the ability to stay updated on all the current trends associated with sports and to relay vital information to the team so they always know what’s going on. I have excellent multi tasking abilities, the freedom to travel to a variety of locations and outstanding recruiting abilities.

I’m motivated and prepared to put in the hours needed to represent the team in a professional manner. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the qualifications you’re searching for and the different ways I can put my skills and experiences to work for you. Please give me a call at (012)-345-6789 to set up a date and time for an interview.


Your Signature

Madalyn Heywood

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