Sports Reporter Cover Letter

Here is the Sports Reporter Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Josefina Sippel,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my interest in the Sports Reporter position with Sinclair Broadcast Group.

I have a real passion for sports so pursuing a career in this field just made good sense. I have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and my courses centered on sports business, journalism fundamentals, technical writing and the function that multimedia plays in sports journalism. I also studied how sports fit into society and I acquired a good understanding of the legal issues and ethics used in journalism.

I can compile and sort through information to put together reports to share with the public. Since I am such a sports fan, I have the ability to know what information people want to hear and I possess the communication skills needed to pass this information along to the public.

I can put together a report quickly to ensure your station is one of the first to have the details of the game. I am familiar with all audio and video equipment used to capture highlights of the game. I am a proficient writer and I have excellent editing skills. I also have the skills needed to post stories and updates of the games on your website.

I possess the ability to interview players and fans to talk about the game. I have excellent memory with the ability to compare statistics and special game plays to make the reports more interesting. I am energetic, self motivated and I know that I have the making of a great reporter.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview.



Felton Scarborough

Encl: Resume