Staff Attorney Cover Letter

Here is the Staff Attorney Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Mercer,

I would like to offer my resume in consideration for your Staff Attorney position that was recently listed.

My parents said that I would make a great attorney when I was young because I would argue my points effectively so this became the household joke. They were thrilled when I decided to further my education and this was my choice of profession for my future. Today I am still happy with my choice and enjoy my profession immensely but am looking for a change.

Once I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Business, I moved on to law school and passed the bar exam on my first attempt. I then moved on to a law firm where I got my feet wet in corporate and business law which I find fascinating. I have been with the same firm for over five years and while I enjoy the work, I would like to be more involved in the business aspect which is limited in this practice.

I am a definite leader and would not have a problem leading your team and I would have no problem being part of team that is lead by others either. I am simply ready to get my feet wet in the business world and take on more responsibilities than I have in my current position. I feel that I would be a perfect fit for your company which is why I am submitting my resume.

Please feel free to contact me at any time (012)-345-6789. I am available at your convenience.


Ralph Earley

Ralph Earley

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