Stationary Engineer Cover Letter

Here is the Stationary Engineer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Stephania Edwards,

I am applying for the Stationary Engineer position now available at Sapphire Power Holdings LLC.

After graduating from High School, I entered and completed an apprenticeship offered by the International Union of Operating Engineers. During this time, I completed a series of classroom work combined with on the job training. I have acquired my state license and I am ready to put my education and training to good use by securing a permanent position with your company.

I am familiar with the computerized systems used in this profession and I know how to monitor the meters and gauges to ensure the system is functioning correctly from the main control room and manually. I learn quickly and I have exceptional analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to troubleshoot difficult problems to find a suitable solution for issues that arise.

I am mechanically inclined, so I have the skills to perform general maintenance on the equipment to keep it functioning at full capacity such as changing filters, checking air quality and adding the chemicals needed to prevent deposits and corrosion from occurring.

I have excellent verbal and writing skills along with very strong interpersonal skills, so I always maintain a friendly and respectful attitude with co-workers and clients. I also have the ability to work independently without any problems or I can work as part of a team efficiently. I possess the ability to stay updated on all new technology and I am physically able to perform the duties associated with this position.

Please call (012)-345-6789 for an interview.


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Timothy Bradley

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