Stocker Cover Letter

Here is the Stocker Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Faulk,

I am submitting my resume and this introductory letter in response to your ad in the Wall Street Journal for a Stocker. My family has owned a retail business for as long as I can remember, the skills I have learned working there make me feel that I would be a valuable member of your team as a stocker. My eager to learn attitude and never stop work ethic would be a great benefit for KeHE Distributors.

I have attached my resume in order to be considered for this position but I would like to point out a few important aspects here as well.

I am excellent with organizing and arranging products.

My skills with helping customers find what they are looking for are made possible because of the time I spend stocking the shelves.I am capable and able bodied, and have no problem stepping in to unload a truck or move a display if needed.Whether I have a day or night shift doesn’t matter to me, I can work alone, with a group of employees, or while customers are shopping without getting in the way.

If you are looking for a stocker that is reliable, responsible and dedicated to performing the best job possible then you will quickly see that I am the ideal candidate for the position.

I appreciate the time you will spend reading this and the attached resume. If you would like to discuss my application and see more of how I would be a benefit to KeHE Distributors I can be reached at (012)-345-6789 or emailed []



Wendell Clark

Encl: Resume