Student Advisor Cover Letter

Here is the Student Advisor Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Boucher,

I am submitting my resume and this introductory letter in order to apply for the position of Student Advisor. My education and experience as a student advisor on a large campus leads me to believe that I am more than qualified for the position at Westwood College.

My resume includes the details of the following summarized points in depth. However I believe that these qualifications will begin to show you why I would be an asset in this position.

I seek to deliver new student enrollment, improved student satisfaction and minimize upheaval and concerns for students.

My years of working in this field has enabled me to work well with supervisors, peers and other team members to improve many different processes and streamline staffing efficiency.I can easily evaluate the suitability of a classroom location and provide personalized class planning and major declaration with students.

Besides these specialized areas, I am also an efficient office worker with computer skills, filing ability and the ability to formulate a plan and carry through to achieve an objective.

My presence on your campus would be beneficial to the school, the students and the other staff as I consider the role of student advisor to be one which works closely with all parties to make the school experience the best it can be for the student.

I would appreciate the chance to discuss this with you and find out more about how I could benefit you at Westwood College .I can be reached by phone at (012)-345-6789 or by email at []



Peter Haworth

Encl: Resume