Substance Abuse Counselor Cover Letter

Here is the Substance Abuse Counselor Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Lamere,

While poring over the job boards looking for a position in my field I found your ad for a Substance Abuse Counselor. Not only is this position in my field it is also one which I am extremely well qualified for. I have spent several years working in the substance abuse counseling field, I began as a volunteer at a clinic when I was a teenager and there found my calling. I followed up my interest by pursuing my degree in human services while continuing to work as a volunteer, assistant and eventually a licensed and certified substance abuse counselor.

My resume is attached for your consideration of my application for this position. I believe you will see that my history of working with substance abuse victims of all ages and their families, as well as my record of community service working at a transitional home for recovering addicts will convince you that I would be a wonderful addition to Spectrum Health Systems.

My dedication to providing counseling services to individuals and families that have been affected by substance abuse extends well past normal office hours. I still make myself available to volunteer at several places in the area to keep touch with previous clients and to help out when needed.

I would like to schedule a meeting with you where we can discuss how having me on board will help you improve your counseling services to substance abuse victims. I can be reached by phone at (012)-345-6789 or by email at []


Christopher Sharon

Christopher Sharon

Resume Attached as MS Word Document