Tax Attorney Cover Letter

Here is the Tax Attorney Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Arlene Kropf,

I am writing in response to the posting for a Tax Attorney position at Frink Hamlett Legal Solutions, Inc.

I started my career in this field by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Accounting degree with the core programs pertaining to business law, income tax and the fundamentals of auditing. I also learned how to keep accounting records, analyze financial data and how to communicate information to others in a way they can understand.

After earning my degree, I received my LL.M degree, where I specialized in general business taxation in addition to taking the standard classes offered. I have passed the state bar exam and received my license to practice. I have the training and skills to assess and evaluate tax issues and the communication skills to explain these issues to my clients.

I stay updated on all federal and state laws and I possess the ability to talk and negotiate with the government officials when handling a case. After reviewing your information, I have the ability to handle your tax issues in a professional and efficient manner and the skills to find a solution for your financial problems.

I know and understand the tax laws and regulations and I always stay updated on any changes that take place. I have excellent organizational skills with the ability to keep accurate records. I also maintain high ethical standards and I have the ability to keep all records and the details of each case confidential.

My contact number is (012)-345-6789 and I am looking forward to meeting you soon.



Hal Elsass

Encl: Resume