Teacher Librarian Cover Letter

Here is the Teacher Librarian Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Lisa Mccollum,

I am applying for position of Teacher Librarian at Waubonsie Valley High School.

The attached resume has a complete look at my educational background and work history along with references from professionals I have worked with in the past. After viewing my credentials, I am certain you will agree that I have the skills and experience your school is searching for in an applicant. I have experience in management with the ability to supervise the library staff to make sure all duties are covered and I have the skills maintain a current collection of media while staying within the school budget.

I am familiar with the curriculum used in your school and I have the communication skills to help create a calm and comfortable environment that encourages students to come in and study. I have the verbal and writing skills to collaborate with other educators and to assist in classroom studies from time to time. I can also organize and host special activities and programs to encourage reading.

I have the ability to teach students how to make sure the information they are collecting for research is reliable, so the reports they write contain accurate data and I will teach them how to locate reliable sources online. I also have the ability to teach students how to organize their research to make it easier to put the information together and to explain what plagiarism is, so they understand the importance of using their own writing skills to create the reports.

You can reach me to arrange a meeting by calling (012)-345-6789.



William Curry

Encl: Resume