Teacher Trainer Cover Letter

Here is the Teacher Trainer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Cynthia Perkins,

I am writing to apply for the Teacher Trainer position with Oxford Seminars International Ltd.

My resume contains a complete look at my work history, education and specific skills relevant to this position but here are some of the main credentials that qualify me for this job. I have a master’s degree in education and years of teaching experience that I would like to share with new teachers. I am familiar with all the new technology used in classrooms today and I understand how teaching adults differs from teaching teens.

I understand how intimidating it can be when you first begin a teaching career and I have the experience to teach many of the things that often get overlooked. For example, new teachers need to know how important it is for them to maintain order in the classroom and how implementing a steady routine can help.

My personal skills that qualify me for this job include having good management and organizational skills with the ability to create a friendly but interesting environment in which to learn. Teaching others how to be good teachers requires showing your students how to make learning fun and engaging in addition to motivating them to talk about their experiences and expectations.

There is nothing more rewarding than teaching and I am excited about putting my skills to good use by helping new teachers prepare for the classroom. I hope to meet with you soon to discuss my qualifications and what I have to offer if chosen for this position.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview.



Joseph Pena

Encl: Resume