Team Leader Cover Letter

Here is the Team Leader Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Moua,

I am responding to your recent advertisement in the Wall Street Journal for the Team Leader position at your company. I believe that my experience and skills match with your requirements, and have included my resume to apply.

My experience as a Production Manager at APAC Customer Services has given me vast experience in the management of people and processes. I also possess a good working knowledge of work flow and quality management.

The following is a summary of my skills and experience.

I am skilled at arranging work schedules and defining priorities.

I have vast experiences in keeping records and detailed reporting.I have experience in documentation processes as well as a good understanding of record retention.I have served successfully as the liaison person between management and line workers, ensuring complete understanding of each to the other.I possess a unique ability to match the right employee to the task they are most suited for in the organization.I have many years of experience conducting performance reviews.

I would like to set up a meeting in order to further discuss the position and how I can improve your business as your new team leader. I can be reached at (012)-345-6789 or emailed at []


Your Signature

Nicole Wagnon

Enclosure: Resume