Technical Consultant Cover Letter

Here is the Technical Consultant Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Gilbert,

In response to your ad in newspaper, I am writing this letter to apply for the position of Technical Consultant. I am very interested in position advertised.

Briefly, I have worked in a consultant position for the past five years, helping companies get on track and stay on track with their computer systems and applications. I am fluent in all applications, programs, and systems that can optimize your business’ efficiency and convenience in what you do. This said, my technical knowledge, eight years total experience, my degree in Technical Analysis, and my superior work ethic make me your best choice.

Give me a call to discuss what your specific goals are on a technical level, and I can show you a portfolio of clients that I have helped find technical success in their business operations. My number is: (012)-345-6789 and my email is [] Thanks in advance for your consideration.


Shirley Bills

Shirley Bills

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