Technical Support Representative Cover Letter

Here is the Technical Support Representative Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Knutson,

I’m submitting this letter to officially apply for the technical support representative position at XO Communications. I fully believe that my past training and work experience correspond perfectly with the requirements needed to fill this position successfully.

I have obtained my bachelor’s degree in computer science from Texas Tech University and worked two years for a call center providing technical support for a wireless phone company. During this time I learned how to ask detailed questions to help determine the problem and find a solution within a reasonable amount of time.

I have experience researching products to discover the best solutions and to provide answers to any questions presented by customers. I plan to continue my education to improve my skills as technology advances. This will ensure I have the knowledge to continue using support tools efficiently and maintain the ability to provide excellent customer service.

My exceptional communication skills allow me to converse with customers over the phone with ease. I can determine which techniques to use when troubleshooting to find a solution as quickly as possible based on the customer’s description of the problem.

My skills include having the ability to maintain existing hardware, install new programs when needed, provide IT support and I have strong analytical and technical skills. I’m self motivated, can work alone or as a team efficiently and would appreciate the chance to share my knowledge and expertise with your company. Feel free to call anytime for an interview. I can be reached at (012)-345-6789.


Your Signature

Stephen Bennett

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