Technical Trainer Cover Letter

Here is the Technical Trainer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Judson,

The position of Technical Trainer with Maxymiser Inc. caught my eye and I am confident that I have the skills you are searching for in an applicant.

I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and five years experience working in this field. I have the knowledge to help develop computer software and a variety of programming applications. I can work hand in hand with the project managers to prepare training courses that are both easy to understand and that meet the needs and standards of your organization.

I can organize web-based programs and schedule training sessions. I also have the ability and skills to monitor these sessions and look for ways to enhance the training programs. I have the skills needed to document these sessions, along with all of my findings to use for future references to make improvements to the materials used in training new employees.

I have experience working with all types of media, giving presentations and I have the ability to interact with the trainees to answer questions or give advice when needed. I have excellent presentational skills and I am familiar with several operating systems, applications and programs.

The attached resume contains more details surrounding my education, work history and a more in-depth description of my skills relevant to this position. I look forward to meeting with you soon and hope that you will consider me a worthy candidate for this job.

You can reach me by calling (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview where we can talk about the details of this position in person.


Ronald Hodge

Ronald Hodge

Resume Attached as MS Word Document