Technology Consultant Cover Letter

Here is the Technology Consultant Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Wicker,

It was exciting to visit and to come upon your posting for a Technician for your company. This is the specific job that I have been looking for, and have just the combination of experience and skills that you are seeking. I have great communications skills, and have a head for all technology concepts and systems.

I have worked as a Technology Consultant for hundreds of companies requiring technical help, and have over 11 years of experience to offer your company. I have helped companies with problems and/or issues that they were having with their internal and external computer systems, programs, and applications; and am confident that I can offer your company the same level of service.

Would you like to meet with me in the next couple of weeks to discuss my qualifications? I can be reached at (012)-345-6789 and []



Rogelio Lemke

Encl: Resume