Telecom Engineer Cover Letter

Here is the Telecom Engineer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Dubois,

I am applying for the Telecom Engineer position posted for EarthLink, Inc. I have included my resume with a detailed look at my work history and experience but here are a few of the highlights of my career.

I have a degree in mechanical engineering and a great understanding of mathematics. I was employed as a Telecom Engineer assistant for four years, where I worked with one of the best engineering teams around. Through these professional I have gained incredible insight to this profession and I have the experience needed to meet or exceed your expectations.

I have experience assisting in the design and creation of a variety of telecommunication systems and a complete understanding of the complex circuitry involved. I have installed systems and performed system checks to make sure they were working correctly. I have the training to comply with all safety codes and regulations.

I possess the ability to troubleshoot any technical problems that occur and I am familiar with the problems affecting the different types of telecommunication equipment. I have excellent problem solving skills, I am organized and I possess outstanding communication skills that make working in this field much easier.

You need to have the ability to talk with and listen to others in order to determine what the problems are, so you can begin finding a solution. I have the ability to work under pressure, meet tight deadlines and maintain a friendly environment at all times.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to set up a meeting where we can discuss this position in more detail.


Heather Foster

Heather Foster

Resume Attached as MS Word Document