Town Planner Cover Letter

Here is the Town Planner Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Mary Walden,

I am very interested in the position of Town Planner opening up at Town of Farmington and my qualifications meet your requirements.

I have a master’s degree that focused on urban development and I completed an internship in planning. I have also spent time studying architecture and I worked as a junior planner for two years as I completed my master’s degree.

I have excellent research and decision-making skills with the ability to analyze and make proposals for developing the land within the city and to determine how each development will affect the future of the city and its resources. I also have the ability to take into consideration the variables that could change the original plan or expected outcome of each project.

I have the skills to help find the best area to accommodate new structures while taking into consideration the effects they will have on other businesses and traffic during the construction phrase and after it is complete. After careful consideration and looking at every aspect of the proposals, I have the ability to make a decision to deny or approve the requests from other developers.

I have excellent analytic skills with the ability to read and interpret the state, county, local and federal legislation and the ability to ensure all proposals meet these requirements before making recommendations to build new structures for the city. The needs, health and safety of the city’s residents are my main concern. I understand how important it is for the city to approve only the proposals that will better the community.

You can reach me for an interview by calling (012)-345-6789.


Your Signature

David Winter

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