Trading Assistant Cover Letter

Here is the Trading Assistant Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Martha Goldner,

An associate informed me about the Trading Assistant position that will soon open up with MJG Trading Company, LLC and I have a real interest in this job.

I have a master’s degree in investment analysis and for the last five years, I have held the position of financial advisor for a well-known corporation in the area. I have extensive knowledge of market trading, stocks and bonds with the ability to use a variety of tools and computer programs to research and interpret market trends. I have a complete understanding of the trade market and I have the ability to perform risks analysis accurately to determine how risky an investment would be for your company.

I am self-motivated, focused and I have the ability to make sound investment decision that will help your company grown and meet your financial goals. I also have outstanding verbal and writing skills with the ability to explain the results of my research and reasons for recommending one investment over another to upper management.

I enjoy working in this fast-paced environment and I always keep close tabs on the market, so I can be one of the first to spot a great opportunity when it comes along. I have excellent multi-tasking and time management skills with the ability to keep projects organized and on schedule. I am confident that I have the skills and training to become a valuable addition to your company.

My contact number is (012)-345-6789 and I look forward to an opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss this position in more detail.


Your Signature

Helen Lewandowski

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