Trainee Accountant Cover Letter

Here is the Trainee Accountant Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Sample,

It is with great enthusiasm that I write you to apply for the posting of Trainee Accountant at your firm. I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Commerce program at Framingham State University. My area of concentration was finance. Upon graduation I articled at Allegis Group & Balanced Accounting Services ; I am currently preparing to sit my Uniform Evaluation.

I have a strong background in accountancy, from financial accounting to tax accounting and from management accounting to auditing and management control. I very much enjoyed my courses in the area of management accounting; I am seriously considering taking my certification to be a CMA, in addition to earning my CA.

My college performance was above average, and I continued to exceed expectations when I went on to my articling program. I have included a number of reference letters for you to read, along with my curriculum vitae and school transcripts as requested. I am sure you will concur that my credentials are absolutely impeccable and that I am a perfect fit for your firm’s needs.

I look forward to the opportunity to gain more practical experience in the field of accountancy. I feel I have been tested to a certain degree during my articling days, but the only true way to test my mettle is to roll up my sleeves and get busy.

Please allow me to meet with you at your convenience, to discuss my qualifications and how I can best serve your company. I thank you in advance for your interest.



Suellen Champion

Encl: Resume