Training Officer Cover Letter

Here is the Training Officer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Washington,

Upon seeing the advertising for the Training Office with ManTech Int’l Corp., I began putting together my resume.

I have the ability to learn your company policies in a short time frame and then to explain these policies to new employees during the training sessions. I can answer questions and discuss any issues they may have and explain what is expected of them.

I can teach new hires how to use the equipment properly and I can discuss safety procedures so everyone knows how to avoid accidents and what to do in the event something does happen. My skills include the ability to communicate and make a connection with my trainees in such a way as to make a positive impact and get the message across.

I believe that training employees to do their jobs well is vital to the success of any company. I understand that everyone learns at different speeds and I have the patience needed to work with someone that may need a little extra training. This is especially true when I see they have potential and can be a great asset to the company.

I am energetic and always keep an upbeat attitude that helps to create a relaxing environment. This makes it a lot easier to learn. However, I do believe in being professional at all times. I can help motivate employees and teach them the proper way to address customers and handle their positions within the company in a professional way.

My phone number is (012)-345-6789 and I hope to meet with you soon to discuss this position in more detail.


Kathleen Farkas

Kathleen Farkas

Resume Attached as MS Word Document