Training Specialist Cover Letter

Here is the Training Specialist Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Orourke,

I read your advertisement about the Training Specialist position with your company. I am sure that my experience working in different human resources positions and other administrative experience would make me a valuable asset to Dominion Enterprises. My skills in this area would make the training program at your company rank among the best in the city.

My attached resume explains my qualifications in further detail but this short summary will give you an idea of why I am an ideal candidate for this position.

I have experience identifying additional training needs of employees.

I have been successful in setting up training classes for new employment opportunities.I am skilled at interviewing candidates for upcoming scheduled training classes.I am able to research process requirements and prepare presentations to successfully educate employees of the new requirements.My experience also includes the responsibility to determine the success of the training program implemented.

I know that a Training Specialist needs excellent personal relationship communication skills as well as the ability to interact with employees and trainees in a professional manner. My extensive background in this field and my personality make me a great choice for this position.

If you believe, as I do that a meeting would be beneficial to both you and I as well as your company please contact me. I am available to speak with you at your convenience; you can call me at (012)-345-6789 or email me at []


Your Signature

Pierre Robinson

Enclosure: Resume