Travel Coordinator Cover Letter

Here is the Travel Coordinator Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Day,

I am responding to your recent advertisement in the Washington Post for the Travel Coordinator position at your company. I believe that my work experience and skills match with your requirements, and am submitting this introductory letter and my resume for your consideration.

My experience as Sales/Marketing secretary at Extra Help, Inc gave me valuable experience in setting up national sales meetings and trade shows that required extensive planning and organizational skills on a global scale. My skills involve the following:

I have successfully scheduled travel and accommodation for employees and customers.

I am able to establish travel budgets and track expenditures.I am able to identify specific needs of the traveler and convey these needs to support personnel at remote locations.

I know from my experience that a Travel Coordinator needs excellent personal relationship communication skills. I also realize that travel is influenced by many outside factors that are beyond human control. I have the flexibility and creativity to make sure that both employees and customers have access to comfortable accommodations as well as resources needed to conduct business as needed when there are interruptions to scheduled flights and other modes of transportation.

The opportunity to meet with you to discuss this position would help me further show you why your business needs me. To schedule a meeting please contact me at (012)-345-6789 or by email at []


Your Signature

James Quick

Enclosure: Resume