Travel Manager Cover Letter

Here is the Travel Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Donna Pitchford,

I am applying for the Travel Manager position with BCD Travel Corporate and I have the skills and experience to help meet all of your company’s travel needs.

I have a degree in management and over three years of experience working as a manager for a travel agency, where I gained in-depth knowledge of the travel industry. My experience includes booking flights, reserving rental cars and making hotel reservations for clients.

I have a bachelor’s degree in tourism and excellent research skills that make it possible to search the web to gather information regarding travel and lodging options. I have the experience and skills to coordinate and arrange for employees traveling to trade shows, conferences, seminars and other company related events.

When traveling to other countries, I have the knowledge to ensure all passports are in order and that employees have the necessity vaccinations. I also have the knowledge and communication skills needed to provide travelers with advice concerning currency exchanges, weather, restaurant options and similar information about the place they are visiting.

I have excellent math skills with the ability to make travel arrangements that stay within your company’s budget. I also have the skills to find the best deals without sacrificing comfort or safety.

I have the ability to create policies and guidelines for traveling that will help keep the department organized and running smoothly. In the event problems arise, I have the ability to remain calm and to make the necessary changes to handle the situation in a fast and efficient manner.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview.


Louis Watkins

Louis Watkins

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