TV Reporter Cover Letter

Here is the TV Reporter Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Galyon,

I write in earnest today for your position of TV Reporter for Bloomberg. I saw this exciting opportunity listed on your website, and would love the opportunity to interview for it. For this reason, I have included my resume.

My experience as a TV Reporter spans over six years. I started in by working for my college station broadcasting system, and once graduated with a degree in TV Broadcasting, moved on to work at one of the best well circulated TV news casts in the industry: Cox Enterprises. I have worked in this role for the last six years. I know what it takes to be a successful news reporter, and can work on tight deadlines, gets news on a moment’s notice, and always be in the right character to give quality and compelling news to my audience.

I ask that you consider my qualifications for this position, as well as watch the enclosed tape of my most recent news cast to see how I would benefit the Bloomberg team. Then, please call me at (012)-345-6789 to arrange a meeting. Thanks for your consideration.



Bridgette Harris

Encl: Resume