Unix Administrator Cover Letter

Here is the Unix Administrator Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Katherine Ku,

I am very interested in the position of UNIX Administrator with TAJ Technologies, Inc.

I possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science and I have extensive knowledge of the UNIX security and access programs it uses. I have the skills to employ firewalls and to take other measures to protect your company’s data and software from outside threats.

I have the training and skills to upgrade your system and to make modifications as needed to keep the system functioning correctly. I also have the ability to implement new system procedures and policies that will enhance the processing procedure.

I have the skills and training to design and install UNIX-based server systems and the software used. I can perform routine data backups to ensure the information within the system is secure and I have the ability to provide regular maintenance checks on the system to look for potential problems before they become major issues.

I am team oriented with excellent communication skills. I have the ability to coordinate with other professionals within the company to create business programs and applications, along with strategic plans for programming that makes it possible to upgrade the system regularly.

I have outstanding customer service skills with the ability to talk with customers and handle any complaint they may have in a timely and efficient manner. I am very detailed oriented and have the ability to notice small things that could make a big difference in the way the system functions. I am self-motivated, dependable and I would appreciate an opportunity to put my expertise to work for your company.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview.


Mary Halsey

Mary Halsey

Resume Attached as MS Word Document