Verifier Cover Letter

Here is the Verifier Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Crumble,

I am seeking a Verifier position at your firm as I am moving to this area and am seeking a new job in this location. You can find my resume attached to this cover letter for you to look over and which illustrates that I have the background you are looking for. You will find that my communication skills are top notch and that I can work with clients in an effective manner.

While I do not hold any formal training, I have been in this industry for close to nineteen years now and I am fully trained on all of the computer programs that are used by various insurance companies. I pay attention to details and know how to help those who may need financial assistance when applicable. It is important that the clients feel that they are being taken care of and this is something I offer on a daily basis.

It takes a full team to run any organization. For this reason, I know that I would be a vital member of the team at your company. You can reach me to set up an interview by calling (012)-345-6789. I am available at your earliest convenience.


Debra Finn

Debra Finn

Resume Attached as MS Word Document