Veterinary Nurse Cover Letter

Here is the Veterinary Nurse Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Lofton,

I am applying for the Veterinary Nurse position with San Diego Zoo because helping all types of animals is my career goal.

For the last two years, I worked as a nurse for a private facility where I helped care for a few unusual animals but I would like to expand my career and use my skills and knowledge to help care for larger more exotic animals such as the ones in your zoo. I am continuing my education to acquire the training and skills needed to become a Veterinarian to provide more in-depth care for zoo animals.

As of now, I have the skills needed to help keep these animals healthy and to assist the Vet with all procedures needed in the care of these animals. I can assist in routine exams, preventive care, administering medications and preparing the operation room for surgery when necessary.

I have experience monitoring vitals, taking x-rays, testing blood and I have the ability to ensure the animals are doing well in their habitat. When problems do become apparent, I can make suggestions for changes that can help correct the problem.

I also have bookkeeping experience with the ability to create and file reports of all the animals I treat. I am available for any shift and if needed, I am flexible enough to be on call. My resume has a detailed look at my education, training and skills that I believe makes me the best candidate for this job.

I am available most anytime for an interview. My phone number is (012)-345-6789 and I hope to hear from your soon.


Keri Yamada

Keri Yamada

Resume Attached as MS Word Document