Vice Principal Cover Letter

Here is the Vice Principal Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Binder,

I saw where your school is searching of a Vice Principal and I would like to take this opportunity to apply for the job.

I am currently employed by Millburn Township Public Schools where I hold this position but I am in the process of moving to your area. I have a bachelor’s degree and I am certified to teach in your area. I have the leadership skills to complement your principal and help him run an efficient and well-organized school.

I have the ability to lead by example and help both teachers and students make improvements that will benefit them and the school. I have experience managing school resources including creating and managing the schools budget. I can help determine how much money should be allotted to each department and help create a plan to determine how the money should be spent.

Discipline is needed in every school and the way you handle disciplinary problems has a huge impact on the reputation of the school. I have the skills and experience to deal with these issues according to school rules and procedures and to help the school implement new updated procedures when needed.

I possess excellent interpersonal, communication and time management skills, which are needed to hold this type of position. I have the ability to multitask, attend school functions and meet with the parents and guardians of the students when necessary. I also have the ability to participate in activities for the community and to help to get students involved in community work.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to set up an interview.


Your Signature

Jean Brooks

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