Warehouse Coordinator Cover Letter

Here is the Warehouse Coordinator Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Leann Silva,

I am applying for the warehouse coordinator position that was recently listed by your company Betco Corporation. Attached you will find my resume for your perusal.

My qualifications include a high school diploma with over seven years working in a warehouse and the past four as a coordinator. I am able to work a forklift and a commercial truck if it is necessary for me to help out on the floor when shipping demands are high and extra hands are needed. My skills also include a high proficiency in computers including knowledge of all Microsoft Office platforms, warehouse database and shipping software and spreadsheets.

I am also able to coordinate and manage all day-to-day warehouse activities including the operations of receiving, picking and staging of items for shipping. It is also possible for me to manage the loading and unloading functions in the warehouse along with the development and implementation of all safety procedures in the warehouse operations. With my computer skills I can maintain, manage and update the warehouse inventory on a periodic basis.

My verbal communication skills are quite good which comes in handy when coordinating the organizing, arranging and rearranging of items in an orderly fashion in the warehouse. It is important to have these communication skills to work with others in keeping the warehouse equipment, tools, trucks and pickup vans in good operational condition. I can implement cost-efficiency processes and reduce costs in the warehouse operations and can also prepare and maintain all documentation relating to shipping and other warehouse activities.

Please feel free to contact me at any time by calling (012)-345-6789.


Leon Wright

Leon Wright

Resume Attached as MS Word Document