Web Researcher Cover Letter

Here is the Web Researcher Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Erica Rust,

I am applying for the web researcher position with your company EBSCO Information Services. My resume and references have been attached to this document and they express more fully my qualifications and background.

I have an associate’s degree in computer information systems and also have worked as a researcher for two years with another year in a paid internship while attending college. My skills include the ability to work effectively on my own in order to complete my tasks. I am also able to work well in a team setting as I have great communication and interpersonal skills. There is no problem with my leading a team or being an effective member who takes direction and completes tasks on time. My work ethic is strong and I never use company time to conduct personal web searches.

At my last employ it was my task to take all research, correspondence and reports and complete all searches with a position outcome using web based applications. This required me to be aware of sensitive documents and to keep them private at all times. Confidentiality was an important aspect of my last position and there was never a time when I breached this code.

Not only can I conduct internet research, but I am high proficient in the entire Microsoft Office Suite and can enter information into a database, work with spread sheets and produce documents using Microsoft Word when required.

Please feel free to contact me at any time by calling (012)-345-6789 to set up a time for an interview.


James Lewis

James Lewis

Resume Attached as MS Word Document