Wine Spectator Cover Letter

Here is the Wine Spectator Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Stanley,

I read online on that You are looking for a qualified Wine Spectator for your restaurant, and have included my resume today.

I am very knowledgeable about the topic of wine, and would love to offer my credentials, education, and experience to yoru restaurant’s wine service. I have travelled the world sampling various wine region grapes, witnessed wine making, and spoke with some of the most knowledgeable wine officionados in the industry. I have worked the past 12 years as a Wuine Expert and Spectator for three high end restuarants in the Annapolis Junction, MD area, and am a very trusted name in the business.

I ask that you please get in touch at (012)-345-6789, so that we might meet and discuss my background further ; and you can really get a well defined sense of my experience and value to your restaurant.



John Murphy

Encl: Resume