Youth Care Worker Cover Letter

Here is the Youth Care Worker Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Pizarro,

I write today with earnestness in your open position of Youth Care Worker at Southwest Key Programs, and as requested, have included my resume for your consideration.

I am very pleased to apply today for this position, as I have extensive experience as a Youth Care Worker, and have worked the past 11 years in this position. In my present position at Sequel TSI Tuskegee, I have many responsibilities to include mentoring of patients, one on one and group counseling, risk management, as well as coordination with community services and programs. I am a positive force, and work well as a part of team for the objective of helping youth with potential problems and concerns.

I know you will find my enclosed qualifications impressive, and I ask that you contact me when you do. My phone number is: (012)-345-6789. I look forward to your call.


Your Signature

Chang Brooks

Enclosure: Resume